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Pine Nuts 100 GMS


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  • -Pinenuts enriched with Zinc, iron, magnesium, and vitamin A.
  • -Rich in dietary fiber
  • -Maintain the body’s hormonal health
  • -Decrease anxiety, stress, and depression
  • -Good for brain health
  • -Slows down aging.

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India’s Pine Nuts industry is confined to a tiny portion of the Himalayas Kinnaur. Pinus gerardiana known as Chilgoza (Neoza ) is a pine that is native to the northwestern Himalayas from Afghanistan and Pakistan. In India, it is only found in Kinnaur. Growing at an elevation between 1800 meters and 3350 meters. It is collected by the local people and then hand sorted.

1 review for Pine Nuts 100 GMS

  1. keshav

    Best quality, great customer dealing,on time delivery,quality product.

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